19 July 2014

Mostly notes

After downloading the Think Dirty app on the recommendation of this healthy app round-up, it’s time for a product overhaul as it seems most of my make-up/skincare products are trying to kill me. ITG’s round-ups of the best organic make-up and skin care have been useful starting points.

I’ve been enjoying Sadie Stein’s dispatches from Maine as we’ve been staying in similar areas. This one rang very true.
The perfect poem for the fourth of July.
More magic surrounds: fixating on jeans and a guide to Mexico City.
Geometric beehive sculptures.
Head scarves.
Recently bought these gold earrings and this gold passport wallet, both as nice as you’d hope in person.
Beautiful photos of people lying in a week’s worth of their trash.
This post came at the perfect time for my funfetti-loving friend’s birthday in early June, though I ended up making a less time- and cream-consuming American frosting. Next time.