24 July 2013

Yee Sookyung

Translated Vase
Ceramic trash, aluminum bar, epoxy, 24K gold leaf
2002 / 2006 – 2011

‘I took ceramic trash from a ceramic master who reproduces old Korean ceramics such as Joseon Baekja or Celadon. After baking in a kiln by using the old method, ceramic masters break almost 70 percent of the porcelains that don’t reach up to their standards of masterpieces. I put the broken bits and pieces of ceramic trash together one by one as if I’m putting together a jigsaw puzzle. And I cover the seams with 24 karat gold leaf. The result was uncanny and bumpy objects. Each broken piece operates as a self forming into an infinite proliferation toward as unexpected fabrication—fictitious loquacity and stuttering discards from standard conventional masterpieces.’ —Yee Sookyung

(ryan donato via opcion)