14 May 2013


Katrin’s whole Honeymoon show is dreamy but I got a special thrill from seeing this film photo of mine in a new form; it started me thinking of our life in Stellenbosch. The white-washed Cape Dutch houses, gorgeous people and landscapes, endless cups of rooibos, braai pizzas, jars of flowers from our street (a habit I’ve carried over from Katrin), Die Antwoord, visits to markets and farms and shops and cafés, baking banana bread in our old oven, my wee bedroom and brass bed. I didn’t have the first idea about South Africa before arriving but the Cape has stayed a home-like place in my mind.

I still love telling people that we met through this blog and ended up living together with Anri—to me the best proof that we can trust the internet to nurture good connections. South Africa feels a little far away right now and I miss it very much, but its warmth and beauty will be there the next time I visit.