11 November 2012


Fair warning: its about to get autumnal. There will be leaves, there will be logs, there will be photos of Tim doing his best Mr. Autumn Man impression.

These are all from the area surrounding Haeinsa, an active Buddhist temple built in 802. Last year it was also the site of Haein Art, a massive contemporary art project celebrating the Tripitaka Koreana—81 258 woodblocks of canonical Buddhist texts, stored at the temple. A few sculptures remain, like the one above by Tammy Kim; I would have loved to see Atta Kims ice Buddha.

We didn’t do anything remarkable except hike Sangwangbong peak and eat endless bowls of bibimbap. Haeinsa is a very popular place to visit—don’t be fooled by these photos, there were crowds of people almost everywhere—but somehow still feels serene. These were shot with my new Canon AE-1; so nice to hear that fantastic click. Long live film, etc. etc.