24 August 2012

Married (again)

To celebrate with Tim’s American friends and family, we had a lakeside ceremony and reception in his hometown—all arranged by his Ma in under two months.

It was wonderful to have the Rev. Yael Lachman from my in-laws’ church guiding the short, very sweet ceremony—just Yael’s speech, a community blessing, a moment of silence, vows, kiss, hurray! My brother-in-law Nonnie once again worked magic with the Instax and my sister Sherrill (a theatre director and wedding veteran) was brilliant when it came to organising our walk down and advising me on the way these things go.

For catering, my mother-in-law found Fire & Company—pizzas from a wood-fired brick oven, along with salads and gelato. Apparently the Thanksgiving pizza was a hit; I only managed to eat one slice of margarita but did sneak three cups of strawberry gelato. They were professional and wonderful and it was a reasonable way to feed a big group of people something genuinely delicious.

My mom said she’d missed having a cake at her own wedding. I baked this cake with Tim’s friend Beth; it only fed about forty, but most people had already finished up with gelato and dessert pizza. The creepy-cute 1940s kewpie doll toppers were from Tim’s grandparents’ wedding.

We danced to our friend Craig’s band Today Junior and finished off the night with a Red Rogue reunion. Tim wore his Customellow suit with this tie from New England-based General Knot & Co. (thank you, ESB!).

My dress was another hand-me-down: my other sister Chrissy bought this one at a British flea market for £50 but ended up wearing a different dress. The veil—a few days after arriving in Maine, I realised that this was going to be more of a wedding than a family get-together and decided to go ‘full bridal’—was from Mignonne.

Shoes were a bit trickier; I found a pair of old floor model Ferragamos on eBay, t-strap with a cuban heel, perfect for the grass and Gatsby-ish look I was aiming for. They were sadly too tight but at least fit my sister's dainty feet. Eventually I said to hell with it and bought a pair of clear jellies with rhinestones from Aldo for twenty bucks.

I wasn’t initially excited by the idea of another wedding-celebration-thing—Seoul was enough for me—but it turned out to be a lovely way to bond with my in-laws, meet Tim’s friends and extended family, and make them feel included in our decision. Nonnie’s toast made everyone tear up and my sister ran an amusing ‘get-to-know Michelle’ pub quiz. There was love and joy and a tinge of wedding madness (notably when Tim’s eye was swollen shut three days ahead after a failed rope-swing flip into the river. Ice and arnica gel saved the day).