1 March 2012

Hey February

So that was fast.

Vic put this together in a single (extra) day.
Lillian Bassman died age 94.
I went back and looked at this. It also made me think of the mourning after, via Something Changed.
I went on a work trip to Chiang Mai with 48 kids—the whole city and countryside was in bloom.
I went on another eating tour of Seoul, courtesy of Katie’s marvellous guide: yogurt gelato at La Bocca, peanut butter milkshakes at Burger B, the homemade ginger ale at CafĂ© Sukkara.
I enjoyed Vatos (Korean Mexican—carne asada and kimchi fries) and Paul & Paulina (heartbreakingly good bread), and stayed at the adorably-staffed Studio 41st.
I'm almost finished 1Q84 and like the clever parchment cover on the hardback edition.
You should check out this art installation, if you haven’t seen it already; ditto these cabins.

Top photo by Lillian Bassman