3 November 2011

Nicole's favourite dress

Some sunshine and well-loved colour from Nicole, an interior styling assistant living in Australia. 

‘My favourite dress was found at a thrift store in Vancouver last (last) summer for 6 dollars. It's an incredible embroidered Mexican folk dress. I just love the vibrancy of it. It reminds me of Frida Kahlo; it is hand-dyed, the material is thick and the shape is quite boxy—something I would imagine her to have worn. I wore it on my birthday last year with a crown of flowers and felt like a bouquet of poppies :) The best part about this dress is it reminds me of being home with my family in Canada, moving my sister into her new apartment in Vancouver, and doing what my mom and I do best—hunting for treasure at the op shops!’

Thanks for sharing, Nicole!

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P.S. Jessica and Nunor got it right, I’ve moved to Jeju—the carved stone was a red herring—so please send your addresses to michellegow at gmail dot com to receive the tackiest Grandfather postcard I can find!