7 October 2011

Video Phone

Live the language in my native province with hockey, skiing, cycling and salmon.
Live The Language - Vancouver from Gustav Johansson [via otis & frank]

‘I started baking when I was a child. My eyesight was so bad ... and then the first day that I got glasses, my mom took me to this pastry shop. The first thing I ever really saw was clearly was this pastry case.’
Miette: A Video from San Francisco's Most Charming Pastry Shop from 4SP Films [via Kinfolk]

Help release these recordings at Kickstart [via Unpretentious Bouquet of Parentheses]: In 1974, Elizabeth ‘Connie’ Converse wrote goodbye notes to her friends and family, packed her belongings into a Volkswagen and simply drove away. No one has seen or heard from her since. Throughout the 1950s, Connie filled tape after tape with the kinds of songs that, years later, would take hold of the New York scene - haunting, plaintive, and incredibly literary. As it was, the tapes were relegated to a filing cabinet in her brother’s garage.