17 October 2011

Style, Substance

The goal of this photostream is simply to educate. To entice others to want to do their own research. To introduce a group of people, places and events that many have never heard of or know very little about.

So much to see in Kicha’s collection of vintage photos, posted with thoughtful details and historical contexts.

1. Winners (names unknown) of the Jitterbug contest held in NYC
2. African American Vernacular Photography; selections from the Daniel Cowin Collection
3. Two Friends, 1930s, photographed by Charles ‘Teenie’ Harris
4. Ms. Lois Harris, photographed by Addison N Scurlock
5. 4 Ways of Smiles, photographed by John W. Mosley for ‘Posing Beauty’ by Deborah Willis
6. Josephine Baker (1928)
7. Portrait of Mamie Luella Williams, Kansas Historical Society