12 August 2011

Theodora's Favourite Dress

Do Impossible Things is one of my great favourites; Theodora’s words and photos always resonate with me in a very natural and personal way (like this and this, and with luck this too). She also posts more outfits on her tumblr. Now lets skip right along to the good stuff—

‘I like it when clothes have some sort of sentimental value attached to them. Environmental and sustainability issues have a big influence on what I do, so whatever I wear basically is shaped by these two factors—sense and sensibility, if you like. That is the reason why I’ve mostly stopped buying new clothes. Most days, I wear something that used to belong to someone else—my brothers, my parents or a friend. Like a snail, I take my house, my home with me wherever I go.

Having said this, it is perhaps not surprising that my favourite dress has a story to tell. It goes like this: One day, my grandmother showed me some fabric. It was black and white, pleated, quite odd. She asked me if I liked it, and hinted she might make it into something nice for me. When I visited her the next time, she and my aunt took my measurements. I had no idea what would happen. A month later, they gave me this dress. My grandmother said that she thought about the 20s and the 60s, both decades that I found inspiring back then.

So there you have it, lots of sentimental value. My grandmother had a great eye and everything that reminds me of her is a good thing. But more than that I like this dress for what it is: It fits me like a glove, and it doesn’t look like something you can buy in a shop. It’s too simple. The fabric moves when I walk, it’s comfortable when I ride my bike, I can wear it on formal occasions or when I walk round the city with my best friend. It makes me feel like myself, it was made for me and not for some kind of abstract, theoretical woman. This is what clothes should feel like.’

Thank you, Theodora, for the thoughtful contribution!
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