26 August 2011

Cute Overload

While running a few days ago, I came across these guys on the side of the road. I’d seen their mom—a sad, skinny stray—five or six hundred metres back with a third puppy, so I picked them up and tried to find her. You can guess how that went...

Since our house is already a four-dog two-cat petting zoo, we’re looking for new homes for Jackson and Frankie (Ol’  Blue Eyes).

Seeing so many stray animals in Phuket is difficult, but some private organisations are working very hard to improve the situation. The Soi Dog Foundation is hoping to purchase some land to build a proper shelter and has a benefactor who will match all donations up to $66,000. They still need to raise $30,500 by October, so if you have a little extra you can send their way, please do!