19 June 2011

Still and Open

Hill lived on two six-by-six-foot platforms for 738 days. Luna’s trunk was her sidewalk and exercise treadmill. Hill learned many survival skills while living in Luna, such as ‘seldom washing the soles of her feet, because the sap helped her feet stick to the branches better.’ [...] To keep warm, Hill wrapped herself tight in a sleeping bag, leaving only a small hole for breathing. For meals, Hill used a single-burner propane stove. Throughout her ordeal, Hill weathered freezing rains and 40 mph (64 km/h). winds from El Niño, helicopter harassment, a ten-day siege by company security guards, and intimidation by angry loggers. –Wiki

‘One of the important things I learned is that it is vital to take the time to be still and open. We live in a world which is always trying to tell us to do it bigger, better, faster, now—regardless of how it effects the planet, our bodies, or future generations. We live in a society that also tries to shame and bully us into only believing what politicians, consumer advertisers, or religious leaders tell us to do, think, buy, and believe [...]

I also learned that it is absolutely vital that we have our feelings, including our anger. We should be very very angry at what the government and the corporations are doing to our world. It is our shared planet. It’s not only for a group of selected rich people. It is our children, and their children, whose lives are being devastated by the choices that are being made today. So we should absolutely be outraged at what’s happening. At the same time we shouldn’t do what we do out of anger. We should do what we do out of our love.’ –Julia Butterfly Hill interview here