16 June 2011

Katie’s Favourite Dress

We’ve got a closet pretty full-up with dresses from my grandmother, mother, sisters and me. There’s the vintage, the recent-but-very-well-worn (we keep those for our seamstress Ree to make over and over) and the never-worn (often expensive mistakes—a silver sequin tube mini, really?). I love them all: the altered hand-me-downs, copies from friends and travel buys bring some continuity to every new home.

So I’m asking some other people to share that one favourite dress, and Katie of Thank You, OK is up first! I was really delighted when I came across She said she said a while back because of Katie’s perspective on living in Asia and appreciation for Seoul’s creative cafés, shops and daily life. Now she’s doing the same thing for Toronto, and it’s looking better and better all the time. Thank you to Katie for playing along and to Carlos for the picture-taking!

About the dress (and accessories):

‘I bought it when I went to Paris from COS. I liked it because I love to wear baggy/tent-like silhouettes and I liked that it was very basic so it would feel right for multiple occasions. I dressed it up with my new neon Cambridge Satchel and a necklace by Toronto designer Jules Power. The shoes are Dieppa Restrepo loafers which I wear pretty much daily.’

Also: Katie’s dream dress (top left)