23 May 2011

Fifteen minutes

‘This is the start of my journey to learn how to see again. I find images around the internet and give myself 15 minutes for each painting.’ –Neville Trickett, one of the first links former roomie K sent me when we started e-mailing each other.

There’s an enormous, pretty unflattering painting of my sisters and I hiding somewhere in the garage. I like the idea of portraits but would rather have something in the vein of Mr. Trickett’s 15-minute paintings. 1, 2. Neville Trickett at the Saint Verde Digest

There’s been a lot of unsettling imagery involving First Nations/Native Americans on lifestyle blogs lately (same goes for ‘exotic’ ‘tribal’ trends). If you’re ever tempted to post a picture of a girl in a headdress or something with Wild West vibes, have a look at the following links first... it’s not always cut-and-dry but a bit of extra information can’t hurt.

The response to this is interesting. I like the idea myself as it seems like a more immediate and meaningful alternative to advertising on personal websites; in any case Sandra deserves credit for trying something different.

Nice and new to me: Darling I Said and The Velvet Bird