31 May 2011

Diary Mash-up

Still liking neon, as perfected by Tracey Emin. The first photo is mine (from the Iziko South African National Gallery as part of In Context—it flashed in different combinations, a smart use of the medium); the second is Miss Emin’s, I think, at I Love Saturdays (the whole post is eye-popping); the third is a photo of Katie’s.

I just had four days of visa-run-fun in Singapore with a girlfriend from high school. Wonderful to have some one-on-one time and look through her shoeboxes of film photos... lots and lots of us misbehaving on various islands and in the boarding house. Coincidentally ran into another friend I hadn’t seen in nine years! To top off the 2002 time machine, we accidentally walked into a Simple Plan concert on Clark Quay; I destroyed my indie cred by immediately recognising the lead singer, though he was nowhere near a guitar or microphone at the time (it’s every Canadian’s duty to know our celebrities from the C-List up, right?).

All this to say: if you’re ever in Singapore on a Thursday or Friday, go to Morton’s Bar at the Mandarin Oriental for half-price chocolate/lychee/apple martinis and free steak sandwiches (this write-up tells you everything you need to know, and yes, that chandelier is pretty incredible in person).

Diane Kruger at Cannes—a celebrity shot with that something extra (like this one)

I get tired of reading about Paris, too... but if I go again, I'll be referring to Katie’s posts (that’s her delicious cake photo below) and this guide