24 April 2011


"The place will stand as idle as it is, till it falls ... Its other name was Satis; which is Greek, or Latin, or Hebrew, or all three—or all one to me—for enough."

"Enough House," said I; "that's a curious name, miss."

"Yes," she replied; "but it meant more than it said. It meant, when it was given, that whoever had this house, could want nothing else. They must have been easily satisfied in those days, I should think. But don't loiter, boy."

Great Expectations

The amount of new construction on Phuket is pretty dismal, since so many abandoned houses, half-finished developments and gashed hillsides litter the island. The house above isn't abandoned, but looks like Miss Havisham's Sino-Portuguese vacation home. A dream restoration waiting to happen—smack in the middle of town, with two surprisingly aggressive guard dogs.