7 April 2011

Notes from Phuket

A week of rain culminating in a fallen fan palm. Spot the guest-star dog.

Lunch at my favourite cheap cheap Phuket Town restaurant, Ko Ta Khao Man Gai. I covet that tiger poster a little.

A new cat (Ling Ling) to terrorise the dogs, in between bookshelf naps.

A motivational Polish claw-pen poster for thesis-writing. Un-motivational cat on keyboard.

When your younger brother asks you to show up on the dock to meet his boat, what he really means is Please print out little flags that have my face on one side and spell out my name on the other, and embarrass me horribly in front of my sixteen co-workers.’ Done and done.

Both of these finally landed up where they were supposed to. Tea towels from Skinny Laminx and Oh Little Rabbit.

A few green favourites: one, two, three
Two great illustrators: Mia Christopher and Laura Carlin
This seems like a genius way to travel