18 December 2010

See you in the new year

My family’s all scattered this year: me in South Africa, the parents are headed to Hanoi to meet Shanghai sister, eldest sister’s at home in jolly England, older brother’s surfing in Sri Lanka with twin number one, and twin number two is somewhere in America. Good thing I have a lot of family photos to help feel the love; back in the day we eight spent plenty of snowy Christmases together, as Canadian as they come. That’s my grandma up top, with Shanghai sister and me down below.

In celebration of Canadiana, here are my favourite Canuck songs of the moment, all lovingly culled from the CBC Radio 3 podcast with Grant Lawrence. You should listen to it even if you don’t know what a toque is. All links go to the songs on the Radio 3 website, where you can listen to them and make playlists for free.

quiet winter nights
Mike Clark – Threes and Fours
Patrick Watson – The Great Escape
Jane Vain & The Dark Matter – C’mon baby say bang bang
Bedouin Soundclash – 12:59 lullaby

trimming the tree
Gigi – Won’t someone tell me?
Maplewood lane – Canadian Winters
Reverie Sound Revue – You don’t exist if I don’t see you
Hannah Georgas – Bang Bang You’re Dead
Gentleman Reg – The Boyfriend Song
Vancouger – Obvious
Julie Doiron – Consolation Prize

New Years parties
You say Party! We Say Die! – There is XXXX (in my heart)
Teenage Head – Picture my Face
The Pack A.D. – Crazy
Said the Whale – Camilo (The Magician)
Yukon Blonde – Bride's Song
The Ghost is Dancing – Battles On