16 November 2010


Moving at the end of this month—the eighteenth place in twenty-four years, and the eighth in the past six years (!). For the first time, I’m kind of thrilled that it’s furnished.

The last place I really put some solid effort into, décor-wise, was a shoebox in Montreal. I still love that shade of blue, and it killed me to leave behind our Danish modern couch and armchair (gifts from the Craigslist gods). It was also good luck to have a roommate who tolerated me switching things up every week or so... what can I say, it’s genetic.

So after selling and leaving and smiling sweetly at airline check-in counters, this NYC flat is looking really great. Isabel Asha Penzlien has the right idea.

It’s what I’ll aim for next time: rough, simple, functional, good, wood, white. If you don’t follow 16 House, she’s got this sort of aesthetic down to a T.

1, 2. Mine 3, 4. Design*sponge via 16 House