18 October 2010

On my walls

It's getting dangerously twee. Time to move, switch it up, pare down.

Clockwise: a tiny model clay polar bear by K, a postcard from the National Gallery, a print by Yu-I, one of my moustache men, my mama and aunt, a print by Eight Hour Day (have you had a look at their one-year road trip blog?), a bear monster gocco by Matte Stephens, and a Wolfmother concert poster by Strawberry Luna. Thank you for all of your blog suggestions!

Listen to Flip Grater
How to dress for a Vietnamese moto trip [via 2 or 3 things]
I bought a Valhalla Brooklyn bag a few years ago and it’s still a favourite... I like this one
For those of you in the Stellenbosch area, I popped up a little post here


This week is a big one. As they say in Afrikaans, sterkte! (Strength!)