25 September 2010

Teenage Girl Horse Drawings is a genre.

David Pagel: I understand you hired a three-year-old assistant ... what’s her preferred medium?

Kim Dingle: Food. (laughter) Whatever there is. I talked to an art educator, a friend who works with children a lot, and she told me that three-year-olds are not interested in color, unless they’re very unusual kids. They’re into the process and how it feels sensually and the kinetic movement. And their attention span is about 20 minutes. About the same as mine.

—I’m pretty charmed by this 1995 interview at BOMB Magazine.

K owns the book You are here: personal geographies and other maps of the imagination, which includes Dingle's work and is a really intriguing read.

1. United Shapes of America (Maps Drawn by Las Vegas Teenagers), 1991 [via here].