12 September 2010



ana & tisa


dog of my dream


Film (18)

Velvet dreams

here comes the sun

August 14, 2010


Loneliness is Just a Crime

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It doesn’t have the same ring as dreamcats, but all the same I’d like to see a canine version of Anabela's tumblr. Since my parents have offered to send my own Nessa (the black shoe-thief in the last photo) to South Africa if I can find a flat to accommodate her, I’ve been even more obsessed than usual. Any co-curators out there? Also see: literary pets.

1. Something Changed. 2. Ana & Tisa. 3. Dylany. 4. Remember. 5. Dog of my dream. 6. DEAR DIARY; 7. Film (18). 8. Velvet Dreams. 9. Here comes the sun. 10. Sarah Kate. 11. August 14, 2010. 12. Babette. 13. Loneliness is just a crime. 14. 100. 15. Mine.