29 August 2010


50 followers! Pretty terrific. I really appreciate your words and thoughts and encouragement. In the spirit of thxthxthx, leave a comment about anything you’d like to give thanks for. I’ll pick three people at random next Sunday afternoon and send them a print of one of my film photos—you can choose from this set.

I love that photo of Emma because it looks as though we took this in some evergreen forest; in fact we were on one of Stellenbosch’s busier streets, standing in front of a large shrub and catching funny looks from passers-by.

Other than you-all, my thxthxthx goes to the optometrist who re-attached the arm of my sunglasses for free, and patiently explained that the screw might come out again in a few hours if it was stripped, so I shouldn't be alarmed. It did and I wasn’t—I’ll be paying him another visit tomorrow.