5 August 2010

Think Pink



More film from Phuket. Leaving the DSLR in South Africa was a really good decision. I like the slowness of film: deliberation, anticipation and surprise.

A few highlights: tried my hand at a spur-of-the-moment double exposure in the third photo, should be doing that more often. The first is of a Chinese shophouse in Phuket Town where I had a shoot with my high school friends JJ & Mikey; there are some nice restorations happening around there. I'm hoping Mikey will break down and get on Flickr already, he’s into his cameras too. My sister popped in from Shanghai, look out for her on Bluestockings soon; and the last is of two sweet girls I was teaching at camp.

Family, friends, photography and some work—pretty much the perfect trip away.

P.S. I got Issue #02 for my surfer brother; thanks to 2 or 3 for the heads up. It was all creamy and beautiful in person.