28 March 2010

Good Things on a Sunday


- A day-making comment, here (thank you): ‘I went and saw the SLIM exhibit just last week. Despite reading your blog and being ready for something special, I was still awe struck. I am Filipino, and SLIM does make me proud to be one. I will never forget that surge of pride and amazement when I walked into the exhibit hall.’

- Only now swimming through the archives of Maira Kalman’s illustrated blog And the Pursuit of Happiness.


Leanne Shapton, here: ‘These days when I wake, inexplicably, between 4 and 5, which is most mornings, I read, I worry, but if that does not work, I bake. The kitchen is a changed place in the wee hours, its clicks and hummings are louder, the pots and pans make a deafening clatter when I pull them out of the cupboard. But, as before, I am relaxed, my sense of smell is sharper. As I measure and weigh, I am more patient than during waking hours. I’ve always turned to flour and butter when I can’t sleep.’

Finished reading Plenty, an honest and moving account of one year on the 100-mile diet. Anyone from B.C. will enjoy this book, which is full of love for our ‘fast and cold and steep and rocky and utterly grand’ province: ‘By the time we were halfway home, I realized I was grinning. How often does that happen in modern city life? Yet all it took was this: it was Saturday morning and I had a pack full of fresh vegetables, and I was on a bicycle, and I had winked at an eagle.’


And how about just two or three more interior pictures? They’ve been patiently waiting in forgotten folders.




1. Photographed by Jonny Valiant, produced by Judith Cook for Vogue Living Australia April/May 2001 2. A family home made from 3 artists’ studios by Powell-Tuck Associates, photographed by Tim Clinch for Vogue Living Australia April/May 2001. 3. House of freelance art director Ed de Boer and interior designer Sjoukje de Vries in northern Friesland, photographed by Peter Shut/taverne, styled by Reny Van der Kamp for Vogue Living April/May 2002 4. Photographed by Renzo Chiesa for Homes and Gardens UK, July 2006