20 January 2010

Nigel & Nigella

A few nights ago, I found myself in the kitchen, rubbing a whole raw chicken with a fat fistful of butter. Butter with garlic, rosemary and black pepper: but still—butter! Outlandish. Just over an hour later, it was done, and it was perfect.

Roast chicken with tarragon juices
Best mash and green salad
Glitzy chocolate puddings* with cinder toffee

My brother-in-law has a great appetite: he’s lean, eats like a champion and would probably like to have roast chicken and chocolate pudding everyday. Fortunately for his arteries, my sister cooks with a lighter touch. This Christmas, they brought me Nigel Slater’s Real Food and last Christmas, Nigella Lawson’s Nigella Express—they're nice like that.

So this is for Ivor & Sherrill, who suggested that I change my name to Nancy, or Nadine, or some other N name, and start a Julie & Julia-style blog.

*Next time, I'll halve the sugar in this recipe.