9 December 2009


Drifting toward a more masculine aesthetic: Pared down, functional and built to last. Americans do it well.

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn. 
— Gore Vidal

Dress shirts, sockless oxfords, leather belts, classic sunglasses, plaid and white t-shirts, basic denim and thin cashmere v-necks.

Secret Forts
The Pursuit Aesthetic 
The Simple Connoisseur
An Ambitious Project Collapsing

1. My great-grandfather, Tex Vernonwood
2, 5. Hedi Slimane Diary
3, 4. Mac Huelster and Pete Sparrow, Backyard Bill
6, 7. An American in London and American Classics, The Sartorialist
8. Keller Spring/Summer 2008
9. Nick Adams by Allan Grant, Life 1956
10. Marlon Brando by Edward Clark, Life 1949

Men with presidential names.

Update: This photographer has it in spades; exactly what I'm talking about. I guess there's an appreciation of the outdoors that goes hand in hand with this style [via Lost].