6 December 2009

Entre chien et loup

Forget stripes and messy buns; those how-to french style guides always miss one crucial point—you must have a dog. When my family lived in the south, one maître d' would ask if we were bringing the husky for dinner. If so, we'd get a table in the corner, where she could lie unnoticed.

Our downstairs neighbour, Madame Tibi, was a former opera singer; in her eighties she still wore theatrical blue eye make-up and her hair was a jet-black bouffant. She would order whole roast chickens
to be sent to us, just for Timber.

1, 3. Vogue Italia, 1991; Vogue Nippon, 2009 from Fashion Tidbits
2. Fade to back, by Mario Testino for American Vogue, July 2008 from Paper Mode
4. The duchess, by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, from The Fashion Spot
4. Timber, c. 1996

Entre chien et loup