26 November 2009

Soul Recovery Systems

I'm crazy for Felicity Fenton's latest project with Michael  T. Hensley. I think we all hang on to things that are no longer useful or good—as I sort through boxes and prepare for new travels, I'm sure I'll send something in.

'Soul Recovery Systems is an interactive, creative and free emotional garbage disposal service providing people with an opportunity to rid themselves of objects that hinder their lives. SRS accepts objects in any form as long as there are sincere emotional connections attached to them.'

My favourite from the digital landfill:


'Item number - 378048g4
Item description - Expired US Passport
Date of release - Wednesday, October 28th, 2009
Name - Anonymous

Reason for release - This passport accompanied me throughout my 20s to places all over the world. When it expired, I feared that I would never be adventurous again, that getting older would keep me from travelling and exploring the way I used to. I know this is just a fear, but I'd rather not be reminded.

Method of release - To liberate the fearful associations with this object, SRS inserted the passport along with a note that read "Hello, if you find this passport, please bring it with you on a trip" into a mason jar, secured it tightly and released it into waters where two rivers meet.'

You can watch the release here. They even have matching jumpsuits!
1. Stamp collage from mondayne