7 November 2009

Indian Editorials

Lakshmi Menon - US Vogue May 2009 - 4

Lakshmi Menon - US Vogue May 2009 - 2

Ujjwala Raut - Conde Nast Travellers September 2009 - 7

India Vogue Oct 2007 - 5

India Vogue Oct 2007 - 4

The August issue of India Vogue that I picked up while visiting was a real lemon—flavourless, safe and too much recycling from the American edition. These editorials are more what I had in mind, though I guess they do feel too much like an outsider's view, a one-dimensional tourist perspective...

1, 2. Lakshmi Menon in India are we for American Vogue May 2009, photographed by Mikael Jansson
3. Ujjwala Raut in Putting on the Raj for Condé Nast Traveler September 2009, photographed by Daniela Federici and styled by Mark Connolly
4, 5. Lakshmi Menon & Kamal Sidhu in Objects of Desire for India Vogue October 2007, photographed by Prabuddha Dasgupta

Also have a look at this one and this one, all from Asian Models.