8 October 2009

Gursky's Prada Series

I'm not usually a fan of the mall experience, but I was pretty taken in by the glossy shops at the Ion. Obviously, my furtive little snapshots don't measure up—but you can see the influence of Gursky's Prada series today.

In the mid to late 1990s, Gursky turned his attention to the intersection of art and consumer culture with a series of huge color pictures of interior details of various Prada stores. Both Prada and Gursky were cresting waves of re-invention - Prada of its brand and Gursky of contemporary color photography - and the Gursky/Prada photographs are an observation and a commentary of the minimalist fetishism and artistic ambition of high fashion: underwear as expensive as jewelry being displayed like fine art in a store designed to look like a cutting edge museum.

The Year in Pictures





1, 3. Andreas Gursky [via The Year in Pictures]
2, 4. Dior and another shop at the Ion.