18 July 2009

The Scent of Green Papaya

Kate asked: what are your favourite movies for the visuals?

The scent of green papaya
An exquisite movie. Watch it here.
My interest in the film was to create a certain freshness and poetry in daily life.
I am not capable of rendering properly the war and colonialism.
[...] I think that against the backdrop of these people who have now been humanized and have a daily life, one can understand the atrocities all the better.

—Tran Anh Hung, director
Interviewed by Lawrence Chua
Bomb 46/Winter 1994

Its colors are still, hushed, and translucent: limpid greens and abundant yellows, deep blues, the pearly whiteness found inside papayas. The film's tones and textures seem to slow the storyline, drenching it with a kind of denseness, a sense of ongoing history.

Review by Cynthia Fuchs

Photos here and here.